Celebrate Bikes through Art, Film and Music

The 20th Anniversary of Bicycle Film Festival is arriving in East Lansing virtually on December 18-30

Hosted by the MSU Bike Service Center, and the MSU Office of Sustainability, where we help people discover the joys of bicycling and strive to encourage green transportation options for the community. The online program will provide everyone some much-needed bike-related entertainment and inspiration!

BFF East Lansing presents an international selection of short films and features MSU alumna, Hilena Tibebe (2015). The shorts program will appeal to a wide audience from film connoisseurs to avid cyclists and everything in between.

Get your tickets now here! (FYI: There are 3 ticket options; choosing the higher priced ticket options helps the BFF and MSU Bikes do more of what they do best!)

Bicycle Film Festival has been celebrating bicycles through art, film and music the last 20 years. The physical BFF spanned the world in over 90 cities worldwide to an audience of over one million people.

The festival has an incredible history of working with the most important artists, filmmakers, venues, and institutions around the world. BFF East Lansing is presenting an international selection of the most important short films from our collection.

The official BFF – E. Lansing trailer

BFF Select Shorts
The East Lansing program will appeal to a wide audience from film connoisseurs to avid cyclists and everything in between. Let the BFF curated collection of short films take you on a journey around the world as we learn about a charismatic Ghanian immigrant in Amsterdam who teaches refugee adult women to ride bikes – experience a birds-eye view of a BLM bicycle protest ride from New York to DC – feel the anguish of a father’s loss – the struggle of a young woman and her bike in Iran – and reprieve from genocide through cycle sport.

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Thanks to our sponsor and many partners to help make this event a success!

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About Bicycle Film Festival:

Founded in New York BFF has been celebrating bicycles through art, film and music the last 20 years. The physical BFF spanned the world in up to 100 cities to an audience of over one million people. The international locales included Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow, Mexico City, Capetown and Istanbul and more at some of the most important venues such as Sydney Opera House and the Barbican or an old factory in Zurich. The Subcultures of cycling have shared equal billing with the most exciting innovators in music, art, design and film. Participants have included: Erykah Badu, Karl Lagerfeld, Francesco Clemente, Shepard Fairey, Albert Maysles, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Alex Katz, Kaws, Mike Mills, Paul Smith, the Neistat Brothers, Tom Sachs, Ridley Scott, Kiki Smith, Swoon, and Ai Weiwei.

Brendt Barbur

In 2001, Barbur was compelled to start the festival after being hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York. He turned this negative experience into a positive one. He has since curated art exhibitions internationally and produced films. Barbur has also produced content for Puma, Barcardi, and Red Bull. He has been profiled by the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, NY Times, The Guardian and many others. Brendt has a strong focus on community and arts on a local and global scale, with a view on sustainability. Having created a social phenomenon with over 1 million attendees to date, he has influenced the transformation of cities worldwide and encouraged environmentalism through these cultural events. This festival is a celebration of way a life––not just entertainment.

“In a year of a global pandemic, economic strife, violent acts by racist groups, a contentious election period the bicycle boom worldwide is optimistic news to celebrate. We hope to offer a positive respite from all of this for people.”  BFF Founding Director, Brendt Barbur

Fully Open for Repairs – Sales

Short video showing MSU Bikes' COVID precautions
Short video showing MSU Bikes’ COVID precautions (as of early July 2020)

Thanks to the hard efforts of the League of Michigan Bicyclists and bicyclists all over the state who lobbied to have bike shops considered essential services in the state they were allowed to reopen in late April.  We subsequently started selling our new and used bikes online in early May.

We were very happy resume bike repair services, sales of parts and accessories along with our online, contact-less bike sales the day after Memorial Day.

UPDATE (Nov. 17, 2020): All of our operational guidelines continue as before (except we will accept cash), we just need to wear face shields when working in closer proximity to anyone, so you might see us using them.

Contact-less pick-up and drop-off is still an option: call or email us for details on that.  

After Mon. July 6th we’ve resumed our normal hours (except for University Holidays):

IPF article about MSU Bikes during COVID crisis
Good recent article about MSU Bikes during COVID crisis

Mon: 10 am -5 pm
Tues: 10 am -5 pm
Wed: 10 am -5 pm
Thurs: 10 am -5 pm
Fri: 10 am -5 pm

Watch our Facebook page for any updates/ news.

Check out the precautions in our shop and signage explaining our operational guidelines below and what our showroom/ service counter looks like w/ our COVID-19 precautions.

Thoughts on Bike Lights

Don't be a Ninja on a bike!
Don’t be a Ninja cyclist! Be SEEN and LIVE! Click image to learn more from the Tempe AZ Bicycle Action Group.

After reading the excellent “Bike Lights” article in Momentum’s Sept/Oct 2010 issue by Jonathon Reynolds which shares some research on when/where most bike accidents occur, I’d like to comment on the topic.

There’s a common misconception that you only need lights when it’s dark or getting dark.  Due to almost getting hit in the middle of the day by a driver, whom I believe simply didn’t see me in the dark shadows of a tree (some people’s eyes don’t adjust very quickly to extreme lighting changes), I have since strongly encouraged people to use flashing lights, front and rear, whenever they ride and not just when it’s getting dark.

Did you know?  MSU Bikes has sponsored engineering student teams’ research (ECE480) into new smart light/ sensing systems to help protect bicyclists from distracted drivers over the past couple years.   Read more here.

There’s a good reason why many newer motor vehicles have lights that come on automatically whenever the engine is running; they’re called “Daytime Running Lights”.  While US car manufacturers have effectively lobbied against requiring them Canada and many European countries have enacted legislation requiring them on motor vehicles while at least one, Germany, requires front and rear lights be working at all times on bicycles.

Be careful about trusting technology, however.  I’ve noticed more and more modern motor vehicles driving around without their headlights on making me think that the auto-light technology isn’t totally reliable yet.  So, like other areas of life, best not to entrust your safety to others and technology!
So many modern motor vehicles are driving around without their headlights on!  Reflectors (required by law in most places) alone aren’t going to help much when there’s no light source. Active lighting is the sure-fire way to assure you’re seen.

Check out this excellent article with lots of great illustrations by the good folks at Cycling Savvy – “Bicycle Lights: To See and Be Seen By”  (Oct. 9, 2020)

If you need data to be convinced, take a look at this data on when the bulk of crashes occurred – DAYLIGHT HOURS!  Yes, the bulk of the fatal crashes have occurred later in the evening hours but it’s obvious your visibility isn’t just important when it’s dark out (courtesy of the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts tool).  Compare the 2004-2019 numbers with the 2004-2015 numbers and you’ll see that more fatal crashes are happening earlier in the day, aka “daylight hours”, so your visibility during the day is becoming evermore important!

Additionally, people should definitely stick with lights that have easily rechargeable batteries or USB rechargeable so that they’re more likely to use the lights all the time rather than trying to conserve batteries.  We stock many affordable lights at MSU Bikes and can special order just about any other light on the market.

Check out a 2017 WSJ article on the topic:
How Cyclists Can Stay Safe on the Road – Bright colors, bright lights and positioning on the road can help cyclists be more visible to drivers”

Finally, I see way too many cyclists riding around with lights that are hardly visible, or hanging off a backpack often pointing to the ground, apparently thinking “I’ve got a light, I’m safe”, but apparently have no idea how invisible they are.  I’m not sure if it’s the nature of rechargeable batteries or the modern LED lights, but it’s also best to have backup lights on the rear and front as I’ve had them look bright at the start of my commute home only to discover they died sometime during my ride.

So, be sure to check your lights often and recharge or replace those batteries to stay alive!  And make sure they’re aimed properly down the road so they’re actually visible to motorists.

We’re now blessed with a huge variety of affordable, strong tail lights. We stock many affordable lights at MSU Bikes as does any good bike shop.