Three Easy & Cheap Tips to Improve Your Ride

MSU Bikes has been “Helping people discover the joys of bicycling!” for over 10 years now on campus and I’ve been in the trenches here all those years.  If I were asked what three things would make your bike riding way more fun and easy here’s my list: 1.  Raise your seat:After 10 years of … Continue reading “Three Easy & Cheap Tips to Improve Your Ride”

Spartan’s Will… biking tips!

Check out our series of tips for cycling Spartans everywhere! We’ve thankfully got a very skilled graphic artist named Erin working for us this year who we think has done a wonderful job with this series of our top tips that will help make your biking more enjoyable and safe. Check ’em out and share … Continue reading “Spartan’s Will… biking tips!”

Quick Tips Online Clinics – Archive

Eager to learn how to make your bike more comfy and reduce anxiety over how it works? Come to the MSU Bikes Service Center virtually and learn some quick tips for getting your bike ready to ride and simple repairs that require very few tools or special skills. Each 30 min. online interactive session is … Continue reading “Quick Tips Online Clinics – Archive”