Area Group Rides

We get quite a few people asking about regular group rides happening in the area.  You might be surprised how many different groups are riding, even throughout the winter w/ the advent of fat-tire/ snow bikes.

Here’s what I’m aware of organized by type of riding:  (Photos courtesy of each group’s Facebook photo gallery – If I’ve missed any please drop me a line with a link to the group)


Casual/ Social/ Family:

Lansing Bike Party – LBP is a party on wheels! Casual slow roll cruise exploring town and nifty events. Food ’n’ bev stop. Nite ridin’ w lites. Boomboxes.  Depart Fridays 6 pm Broad Art Museum, MSU & 6:30 pm Bike Co-op, Kzoo St, Lans. (Easter > Halloween. 6p Co-op starts Oct.)

Roll Lansing – The intent of the group is to promote fun social rides while doing things safely. We may evolve into more as we go and the group grows.   Some Basics for Roll Lansing Rides: Have fun but not without being safety conscious. Promote Cycling.

Kidical Mass Lansing (MI) Area – A Family Bike Ride – This fun, open, and welcome group is for families (and family-friendly-folks) who want to ride bikes, build community, and enjoy the area together. We meet once per month on the weekend and start and end the ride at the same location.


Spartan Mountain Biking – The official Mountain Biking Club for Michigan State University.  If you like riding bicycles, spending quality time in the woods, and cool people, this is the club for you!! Meetings every other week at Brody Hall from 7:00-8:00pm.  SHRED ON!

MSU Cycling – MSU Cycling is a multi-discipline athletic club affiliated with MSU. As the oldest univ.-affiliated student-run organization, the club continues its long history of representing MSU through participation in regional and national cycling competition. Outside of the athletic world, MSU Cycling is actively conducting research in order to suggest the implementation of improved infrastructure on the MSU campus, as well as promoting the fight against skin cancer by partnering with the MSU Gran Fondo, the 4th largest such charity ride in the nation. As an athletic club that is highly involved in the community, MSU Cycling is continuously working to improve performance in sport and educate those interested in learning to ride safely and enjoy a healthy, active pastime.

Epic Mountain Bike -This group was created to help share information about mountain bike group rides, primarily in Mid-Michigan. Our regular group rides are on Wednesday night at Sleepy Hollow or Rose Lake.  (This group does regular fat-bike rides thru the winter)

Denny’s Central Park Mountain Bike Group – This is a group of employees, customers, and more importantly friends of Denny’s Central Park Bicycles (Okemos, MI store). This group of mountain bikers consists of a very, VERY wide range of ages for men and women that also have equally the same wide rage of skill levels. Every Thursday night (weather permitting) we ride at different trails in Michigan.

SPIN OFF-Road events – happening throughout the year – Hosted/ organized by Spin Bicycle Shop, Old Town, Lansing.

Capital City Cyclocross (CCCX) – A Facebook group that offers Greater Lansing area info. on CX training rides and races.



MSU Cycling – See listing above in MTB/Cyclo-Cross section.

SPIN Monday Night Ride! SPIN Monday Night Rides are an enjoyable, safe, cohesive social group ride of roughly 22 miles, at a 16-18 mph average pace.  Hosted/ organized by Spin Bicycle Shop, Old Town, Lansing.  Road ride season ends sometime in October.

Touring/ Road/ Family/ Other

Tri-Co. Bike Association – (Facebook group for discussion, sharing info; Facebook page for official announcements re: events, etc.) Largest and oldest club in the region, serves bicyclists in the Tri-County area surrounding Lansing, MI and beyond. Visit the web site ( for information about scheduled club rides and our organized rides.  Four organized/invitational rides each year including DALMAC, a nationally recognized multi-day ride from Lansing to Mackinac City. Group rides of varying lengths and speeds scheduled almost every day, weather permitting. Various other services to bicyclists.

The Detroit Randonneurs group – Rides around lower Michigan, with a ride out of Okemos, May 2018.  Full schedule here:



2017 MSU Bike Month Events

Banner for Natl Bike Month

May is National Bike Month and there are a number of events happening on or near campus to celebrate & encourage bicycling, improve bike safety, spread bike friendliness around MSU and have some fun along the way.

Approx. 25 people attended this 1st ever event and we had great open discussion about all forms of commuting to work (other than Single-occupancy-vehicles).

Archived Description:
Now that the weather has turned nice, have you ever thought to yourself, “It’s such a nice day! It would be the perfect day to bike or walk to work!” If that thought ever crossed your mind, no matter how fleeting, this event is for you!   Join us for a funny and informative brown-bag session from several “regular people” who walk or bike to work on campus.)

Download the event poster/ flyer here (JPG) / (PDF) and post/ forward along to friends, colleagues!

  • Our lead vehicle, courtesy of Go Green Trikes!
    Our lead vehicle, courtesy of Go Green Trikes!

    10th Annual Greater Lansing/ MSU/ E. Lansing Ride of Silence

    When: May 17, 5:30 pm ~9 pm
    Where:  Wells Hall Courtyard (near Starbucks)

    In almost perfect weather, on the evening of May 17, 2017, over 250 bicyclists participated in the nine-mile ride from the Wells Hall Plaza at Michigan State University campus to the Michigan State Capital in downtown Lansing.

    As in years past, we rode in memory of cyclists who have been killed or injured. This was the 10th annual event held on the MSU campus with the route going thru E. Lansing and Lansing finishing at the State Capitol building steps. It’s a signature event for the TCBA Advocacy Committee and supported with private donations and funds from TCBA.

    The post-ride gathering to celebrate the efforts of advocates and others who work towards safer roads and facilities for bicycling in the area was at the Lansing Brewing Company which is becoming one of the most bike-friendly establishments in the Lansing area.

    Media coverage:
    Lansing State Journal story & photo gallery
    WILX – 10 story – video archive
    WKAR story
    WLNS story
    HOM-TV story
    – More photos and videos on our Facebook event page

    Archived Description:
    MSU Bikes once again will host the Ride of Silence on the campus for the Greater Lansing area.  Approx. 200 people joined in this very significant event the last couple years that honors/ remembers bicyclists who’ve been seriously injured or killed in crashes with motor vehicles.  The evening wraps up with an after-party at the Lansing Brewing Co. to celebrate all the hard work area advocates are doing to improve things in the area to make it safer for cycling.  The TCBA Advocacy Committee is one such group that has monthly meetings open to the public and needs more people concerned about improving our roads.  The Facebook event page for the ride has full details and links to photos from last year for your viewing pleasure.  There is also a Facebook page for the Greater Lansing Ride of Silence that you might want to plug into to stay abreast.

Approx. 40 campus bicyclists came together for the annual event to hear the thoughts and insights regarding the future of bicycling on and near our campus from the lead of the MSU Sustainable Mobility Plan, Dr. Wolfgang Bauer.  Thankfully, Mark Haas, Vice President of Finance & Treasurer, a life-long bicyclist and avid bike commuter, also attended and was able to answer additional questions related to the future of bicycling at MSU.

Archived Description:
Join your fellow campus bicyclists to celebrate National Bike to Work/ Campus Day with a free continental breakfast and get inspired by our guest speaker, Dr. Wolfgang Bauer, who will update us on the MSU Sustainable Mobility Plan and how it will positively impact bicycling and other non-motorized modes of transportation on and near campus in the near and long term.

Near Campus & Other Events – Activities



Darwin Award tips for Cyclists


So, you’re an aspiring Darwin Awardee and have a bike handy, what are your options to make history?  Here’s my top tips based on years of observation, listening to incredible stories of crashes and researching fatal crashes all over the country that will give you a pedal-up on your competing wanna-be awardees! *

Ride your bike while…

1. …staring at your phone and rarely look up, just go by “feel”.  You’ve been all over this campus so many times, you know every bump, bush, pothole;  who needs to actually see where they’re going?!

2. …wearing ear buds or better yet, full ear-covering headphones w/ music cranked up.  Your hearing is designed for awesome music not buses or trucks passing nearby.

3. … drinking coffee and going  no-handed for extra coolness just like the hip song “I can ride a bike with no handlebars!”.

4. … going no-handed in the bike lane just a few feet from moving motor vehicles!  What could possibly go wrong?!?!

BETTER YOUR ODDS!  Combine 2 or all 3 of the above for more  chances of a fatal crash!

Jump on your bike…

Extra points for non-working front brakes!

5.  …without checking whether your brakes are working; who really needs brakes?!  Maybe just take them off altogether to save weight and use your feet to stop?!

6. …with your fork mounted backwards (just the way it came out of the box!).  Assembling a bike is easy-peasy like walking and chewing gum.

7. …without making sure someone hasn’t stolen your front wheel skewer that holds your wheel on the fork.

8. …with your handlebars flopping around completely loose.

Don't be a Ninja cyclist!
If you can see them that’s all that counts!  Right!?

Ride your bike….

9.  … on the sidewalk, in the bike lanes, wherever is the fastest (against traffic)!

10. …at night with no lights and dark clothing.

11.  … through red lights, stop signs, whatever.  Street laws are for cars/ trucks and wussies.

* This article is satire and not intended to be a serious guide to your demise.  Please DO NOT do these things if you would like to continue livingRead this article for REAL tips that will help save your life.