From time to time, mostly during the early and later winter/ early spring, we offer free bike-related classes covering various aspects of bicycling.  If you want to know when the classes are happening, as well as other bike-related events on or near campus, watch our shop’s Facebook page and/or subscribe to our Yahoo group.

New Fall 2017!!

Learn Bike Maintenance Skills at The Brake Room!

(Note: the former MSU Bike Project workshop has been renamed The Brake Room)

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The work benches, stands and tools of The Brake Room.
The work benches, stands and tools of The Brake Room. Room for 4 bikes to be worked on simultaneously.

The Brake Room

Are you a student & want to learn how to repair or maintain your bike, skateboard or rollerblade for free?  Learn to work on your own bike in our fully-equipped workshop, the first bike repair workshop on campus for MSU Bikes.  You’ll learn how to repair your bike from our experienced staff, who work for MSU.  The Brake Room is also a place to just come and hangout with other people who share a passion for sustainable non-motorized transportation!

What’s There:  There are three work stations with proper tools available on a first-come-first-served basis; you need to email or call 517-432-3400 during our Bikes Svc. Center hours to make a reservation to hold a time slot.

A nice hangout area includes couches, a large screen monitor and a gaming system with room to enjoy with friends.

Faculty or staff?  You’re welcome too!  There is a $5 per visit fee or $100 for a calendar year-long membership.  You can pay at the MSU Bikes Svc. Center or in the Brake Room (major credit cards only).

Need Parts?  While we stock a small supply of common parts for purchase in the Brake Room (major credit cards only), if you know you need some parts or accessory that you plan to install please bring them with you.

Location:  Basement of Demonstration Hall; enter via the stairs under the north side main entrance of the building.  (If the door is locked our staff hasn’t arrived yet.)

Hours:  6:00pm – 9:00pm on Wednesdays throughout the year except for University holidays and other times as posted on our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/msubrakeroom

Sign-up on our MSU Bikes Volunteer Google group to be sure and get alerts about cancellations and news about The Brake Room and other volunteer opportunities/ events on or near campus.

Email the MSU Bikes Service Center with any questions about The Brake Room or volunteering.