From time to time, mostly during the early and later winter/ early spring, we offer free bike-related classes covering various aspects of bicycling.  If you want to know when the classes are happening, as well as other bike-related events on or near campus, watch our shop’s Facebook page and/or subscribe to our Yahoo group.

 Learn Bike Maintenance Skills at the MSU Bike Project Dem Hall Workshop!

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** Newsflash:  Nice State News article about the workshop featured Jan. 24, 2016 **
Layne showing Drew and Adam some brake adjustment tips.
Layne Cameron, volunteer coordinator of the lunchtime session, showing Drew and Adam some brake adjustment tips.

Would you like to learn how to repair or maintain bikes for no charge?  Learn to work on your own bike in our fully equipped workshop, the first bike repair workshop on campus for MSU Bikes.  If you’re a current MSU student, faculty or on MSU staff you can develop bike mechanical skills from our experienced volunteer instructors (who work for MSU). The classes  and hours for the Demonstration Hall workshop are on Thursdays 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Layne Cameron is the volunteer coordinator and lead instructor of the sessions.

Evan McNabb, former volunteer coordinator
Evan McNabb, former volunteer coordinator and former senior mechanic at the MSU Bikes Svc. Ctr., working on a student’s bike during one of the Center’s free mobile bike repair clinic, held in conjunction with Campus Sustainability week near West Akers Hall on Wednesday October 23, 2013. Photo by Greg Kohuth, CABS.

Note: Due to limited space and tools, we are limiting each session to four people.  Please contact Layne Cameron (the shop coordinator and on staff with MSU CABS) to sign up for a session.

Sign-up on our MSU Bikes Volunteer Google group to be sure and get alerts about cancellations and news about the workshop and other volunteer opportunities/ events on or near campus.

Photo of entrance to MSU Bike Project workshop @ Dem Hall
Photo of entrance to MSU Bike Project workshop @ Dem Hall. Click to enlarge.

Email the Layne with any questions about sessions. E-mail Tim Potter with questions regarding volunteering at other MSU Bikes sponsored events.