Donate Old Bikes and Parts

If you’re looking to make a year-end donation, consider MSU Bikes. We’ve always accepted old bicycles, parts, tools, clothing and other items, but now we’re set up with the MSU Foundation so you can donate cash as well. In addition to a tax deduction, you’ll help keep MSU Bikes operating. You’ll also receive donor credits with MSU. Go here for an online giving form. Thank you for considering MSU Bikes.

We welcome donations of bikes that are in good working condition and prefer mountain-bike style bikes. Demand for skinny-wheeled/down-turn handle-bar style bikes is very low, but we’ll still take them. Older three-speeds and single-speed bikes are perfect for campus riding. Flat tires, out-of-true wheels, squeaky chains, etc. are not a problem. We reserve the right to sell donated bikes.

If you have a bike (we also accept bike parts, tools, etc.) that you’d like to donate, e-mail us, and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your preferred phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • How many bikes do you have to donate?
  • What brand and type of bike(s) do you have to donate?
  • What is the condition of the bike(s) you have to donate?
  • What is the approximate age of the bike(s) you have to donate?
  • Can you drop off the bike(s) on campus?
  • Do you need a tax receipt for your donation?
  • Any additional comments

If at all possible, drop the bike(s) off at our MSU Bikes Service Center on campus.   If it’s more convenient you can also drop off at the MSU Surplus Store location when they’re open.  Call if you have a lot of stuff and would like to have us pick it up. Please don’t drop off after-hours, or on weekends as bikes are likely to be stolen before we can get them inside.  Since we’re part of MSU Recycling we’ll properly recycle anything we can’t put back into service.

If you have children’s bikes, contact the Kids Repair Program at 517-325-7308. KRP is a non-profit org. that operates at the former Lansing School District Driver Education Building at 5815 Wise Road in Lansing.  There’s also Share a Bike of E. Lansing, (another non-profit organization that accepts transportation bikes as well as children’s bikes, repairs them and gives them back to low income people in the community) if that’s more convenient for you that operates behind the City of E. Lansing’s Fire Dept. on Abbott Rd.