Bike Commuter Resources

Bike Garage @ Trowbridge Parking Ramp
Bike Garage @ Trowbridge Parking Ramp. Holds up to 23 bikes and features a DIY repair station.

MSU offers bike commuters to campus a growing number of resources & benefits in addition to the most obvious, the MSU Bikes Service Center, which is owned/ operated by MSU and open year-round offering full-menu of bike repairs, sales, short and long-term rentals and parts/ accessories for all your transportation biking needs.  Additionally, some MSU departments provide bikes and other services to encourage their staff to bike more for a host of reasons; some examples of those services further below or here.

Here’s the list of services open to the MSU community and public (where noted):

MSU Departmental Bike Services:

DIY station outside of Snyder-Philips Hall
DIY station & air pump outside of Snyder-Philips Hall.

Other MSU-Related Bike Information

Some helpful off-campus resources:

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