Bike Commuter Resources

Bike Garage @ Trowbridge Parking Ramp
Bike Garage @ Trowbridge Parking Ramp. Holds up to 23 bikes and features a DIY repair station.

MSU offers bike commuters to campus a growing number of resources & benefits in addition to the most obvious, the MSU Bikes Service Center, which is owned/ operated by MSU and open year-round offering full-menu of bike repairs, sales, short and long-term rentals and parts/ accessories for all your transportation biking needs.  Additionally, some MSU departments provide bikes and other services to encourage their staff to bike more for a host of reasons; some examples of those services further below or here.

Here’s the list of services open to the MSU community and public (where noted):

  • MSU Green Transportation map (bike lanes, secure bike garages, DIY bike repair & air stations, e-car charging stations, solar car ports, Capital Multi-modal Station etc.); incl. MSU Bikes’ brochure (Public)
  • Secure, covered bike parking in the MSU Bike Garages with DIY repair & air stations – more info.. – (MSU community only)
  • 24/7 DIY bike repair and air stationsmore info. (Public)
  • Locker/shower benefit – Thanks to support from MSU Surplus/ Recycling & MSU Bikes we’re happy to re-open applications for this awesome benefit for 30 more MSU people (as of Aug. 28, 2017; MSU community only).  Read here for more details about this facilityPlease complete this form and then do one of the following to confirm that you’re bike commuting:
    1.  Install and run the Ride Report app which runs in the background and helps you track your biking, walking, transit, car trips. It’s a very low battery consuming app. that doesn’t require you to start and stop it like Strava and other apps. If we get enough users running the Ride Report app the developer (a start-up on the West coast) will create an area heat map for us which will give us some great data which can be used to help us plan future improvements to our campus and neighboring streets that users frequently use for their commutes/ errands, etc. If you choose to go this route, please take a screen shot of your summary page and e-mail it to me.
    2. Post a photo of you with your bike to Facebook and tag with @MSU Bikes Service Center and include a short summary of your bike commuting story (how long your commute is, how often you ride, why you ride, etc.).
    3. Stop by the MSU Bikes Service Center with your bike and visit with me! Please call or email ahead to make sure I’m in or leave a note for me w/ your name on it if we miss each other.
  • Learn how to maintain your bike at our MSU Bike Project workshop in Dem Hall – more info. (Public)
  • CATA’s Emergency Ride Home service for bicyclistsmore info.
  • Online comment form for easily reporting concerns – more info. – (Public)
  • Bike registration – helps in theft recovery, free lock cutting (if you lose your keys), avoiding impoundment – more info.  – (MSU community only)

    DIY station outside of Snyder-Philips Hall
    DIY station & air pump outside of Snyder-Philips Hall.

MSU Departmental Bike Services:

Other MSU-Related Bike Information

Some helpful off-campus resources:


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