Secure Bike Parking Facilities on Campus

Management of this service is now under MSU Parking.  Please see updated information here.  If you’re ready to sign up for it visit the MSU Parking website.  Questions? Contact them via phone or their online form.

Michigan State University is certified as a gold level Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists (as of Feb. 2021; click here to read more about MSU’s award), but the high population density and unpredictable weather can be quite unfriendly to bicycle hardware and riders.

Two secure bike parking facilities (north and south campus) opened in the fall of 2013 to help alleviate some of those concerns for students, faculty and staff.

MSU Bikes, a service unit of MSU Surplus & Recycling, worked with multiple units on campus to develop and install the MSU Bike Garages, enhanced-security parking facilities inside two vehicle parking ramps.

The two locations are inside the car parking ramps on Trowbridge Road and Grand River Avenue.

Did you know that students have free access to indoor bike rooms in many of the residence halls on campus?  Check the Live On website details for each res. hall and look for “bike storage”.  These are first-come first-served, so best to get a key from the front desk as soon as checking in.  Also, because they are shared with other students be sure and lock your bike in these rooms.

The MSU Bike Garages are fenced-in spaces on the ground level, providing protection from theft on all sides and some shelter from the elements. Access is controlled by the university’s card sensor technology seen in buildings across campus, and the caged instead of solid walls provide a safe level of visibility inside and outside the structure.

Inside the facilities, cyclists can lock up their ride in a row of Lightning Bolt™ racks, which are designed to keep bikes upright and work especially well with U-locks. Riders can also take advantage of a Dero Fixit™ station and air pump, similar to the self-serve amenities outside the Bikes Service Center in Bessey Hall.

The Bike Garage in the Grand River Avenue ramp can hold up to 50 bikes, while the one in the Trowbridge Road ramp has space for 23. Annual and shorter term memberships provide are available immediately and provide access to both facilities.  Since there is a physical capacity of 73 bikes that can be parked between the two facilities and membership will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

“Campus cyclists now have new options: if you live too far away from campus to ride your bike the whole way you can keep your bike in the garage over night and have it ready to ride once on campus.”  said Tim Potter, MSU Bikes’ Sustainable Transportation Manager, who oversees the operations.  “Or, if you find the garages too far away from your office consider keeping a 2nd inexpensive bike locked in the garage and then lock your nice bike in the garage and ride the cheaper one to your building.”

One of our customers’ top 10 favorite things about the bike parking garages:

1. Your campus bike (and all its removable parts) will all be there when you need them.
2. Your campus bike will stay dry and rust-free over nights and weekends.
3. It’s lit and safe in the dark winter mornings and evenings.
4. Your campus bike won’t get kicked in on the racks after the bar crawls.
5. You can park your car in the Grand River ramp then jump on your bike to get around campus fast – great during campus construction, game days or when the inner lots are full (that’s all the time.)
6. Leave a bike securely parked on campus and you’ve got easy access to the river trail for weekend rides.
7. Rent is cheap.
8. You get the most optimal parking spot on Grand River.
9. There’s a handy bike pump and repair stand. Super deluxe.
10. Your friends who bike in other cities will be jealous that you have such a luxurious work feature!
(courtesy Marian M. Reiter, retired MSU staff)

This blog post shows what other MSU departments have provided their employees for more secure and covered bike parking options which quite nice to encourage bicycling and might be an option for your department!

“Many thanks to the MSU Administration, MSU Police and Parking, the All University Traffic and Transportation Committee and many other staff from multiple departments who made these facilities possible.”  Tim added.

For more information or if you’re ready to sign up to use the MSU Bike Garages go to the MSU Parking website where you can sign-up for the service.  Questions? Contact them via phone @ (517) 355-2221 or their online form.


Author: Tim Potter

Sustainable Transportation Manager, MSU Bikes Service Center; member of the All University Traffic & Transportation Committee (; founding member of MSU Bike Advisory Committee (; advocate for local & regional non-motorized transportation issues thru the Tri-Co. Bike Assn. Advocacy Committee (; board member of the Ride of Silence (; year-round bicyclist of all sorts; photographer; soccer player; father of 3; married 35+ yrs. to Hiromi, Japanese national (daughter of former Natl. Keirin Champion, Seiichi Nishiji); Christ follower.

20 thoughts on “Secure Bike Parking Facilities on Campus”

    1. Dino, we offer both new (Fuji, SE, Breezer and Kestrel) and used bikes for sale and also rent bikes (Fuji & SE). Go this page of our website for more details:
      Renting a bike is a good option for students who don’t want the hassle of dealing with maintenance as it’s included with our rental fees. We also highly recommend that they take advantage of locking up their bikes in their res. hall bike room (3/4 of the halls have bike rooms that are free to use on a first-come first-served basis) to reduce the odds of theft/ vandalism which is quite common in any large community like a major university campus unfortunately.

  1. This is a true benefit to both the individual and the community as a whole. A real positive for the cyclist and one (or more) less motorized vehicle(s) for other road users to contend with. Keep up the progressive thinking and action on campus.

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