Your Voice on Campus

Ever feel like a lone voice in the wilderness?  Well the MSU Bike Advisory Committee was formed to advocate and promote a safe and convenient cycling environment at MSU by means of:

The League's Silver level award seal.
MSU was awarded the League’s Silver level award in Nov. 2015. Click for story.

1. Guiding MSU in promoting cycling as means of transportation on campus and to/from campus;
2. Promote cycling safety through communication and education;
3. Reviewing cycling program and facility designs and provide input/feedback to MSU stakeholders;
4. Assist the MSU Bikes Service Center in its role of fostering cycling on campus;
5. Guide and carry the process to assure Michigan State University is continued to be recognized as a ‘Bicycle Friendly University’ (BFU) and improve the BFU rating until a Platinum rating is achieved.
6. Represent the interest of the cycling community on campus and defend their rights as approved by the Board of Trustees for many years through the Campus Master Plan over many years (See Circulation Priorities).

Sparty loves biking too!
Sparty loves biking too! Posing in front of MSU’s Beaumont Tower. Photo by Tim Potter

The committee was authorized by Kathy Lindahl, Asst. VP of Operations in 2006 and currently advises the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services.

Our committee consists of members of various departments on campus involved with bicycling facilities, including enforcement, planning and design in addition to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and staff.  See a current member list below (note: this is not a list of everyone subscribed to the Google Group).


Pedal for Platinum

Rather than simply aim for the next award level of the Bike Friendly University program we decided to jump over gold and shoot for platinum.  Please read more about our Pedal for Platinum campaign here and consider how you can help us become the first university in Michigan and the 2nd east of the Mississippi to reach the platinum award level.


We have monthly public meetings during the academic year.  For spring semester 2018 we are meeting the 4th Tuesday of each month from 3:30 pm – 5 pm in the W308F (3rd floor, Map Library of the Main Library).

Meeting dates:

  • March 27, 2018
  • April 24, 2018
  • May 22, 2018


We also have a Google Group which is where our communications outside of our meetings occur.  Please consider joining if you’d like to keep up to date with what’s going on and/or contribute to the discussions.

Current member list:

Chair/ IPF:  William McConnell, Associate Professor, Fisheries & Wildlife
Secretary:  Eric Tans, Environmental Sciences Librarian, MSU Libraries
Campus Planner: Stephen Troost, Engineering and Architectural Svcs, IPF
MSU Police & Parking:  John Prush, Deputy Director of Mgmt Svcs Bureau, MSU Police
MSU Bikes:  Tim Potter, Sustainable Transportation Mgr, Surplus/Recycling/ IPF
Residential and Hospitality Services: Carla Iansiti, Sustainability Manager
Engineering & Architectural Svcs: Dave Wilber, Architect Landscape II, IPF
Faculty: Mathew Reeves, Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Staff: Thomas Baumann, Physicist, Nat’l Superconducting Cyclotron Lab
Staff:  David McFarlane, Systems Designer, Psychology – Social Science
Staff:  William Heinrich, Hub Innovation in Learning and Technology,
Graduate student:  Vacant
COGS:  Vacant
ASMSU:  Vacant
RHA:  Vacant
MSU Cycling:  Vacant

One of the newer campus bike-friendly facilities, the Campus Rivertrail, that the Committee strongly supported and continues to push for completion for the remaining gaps on campus.

Current Campus Bike Related Resources/ Files:

MSU Bike facilities map - large
MSU Bike facilities map, updated May 2015

Historical Campus Bike Related Files:

Milton-muelder-cycling-w-friends on MSU Campusiends
Dr. Milton Muelder riding with friends on the MSU campus; click the photo for more MSU bicycling history.

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